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vpzom @vpzom@mess.casa

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This is my mech, ;DROP TABLE `mech_stats`;

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New golang logo is a disgrace

Bring back the gopher

"indeed" is a very good word

The printer just worked on my first try. That was unfortunately unexpected

Somehow I've developed a habit of replying to "see you later" with "yep", and I'm not sure that's the right response

Firefox now crashes whenever I focus a password field. Great.

accidentally overwrote the install disk, we're off to a good start

I think I'm going to install Void Linux tonight

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98 yaks to shave in a line
98 yaks to shave!
Sit one down,

Oh, huh. No... No... This won't do at all. First I'm going to need to... Ugh.

99 yaks to shave in a line!


can't even focus on this distraction

my experience with Rust is basically "throw more wrapper types at it until it compiles"

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seems like every major web service is having issues this week

Apparently Discord deleted a bunch of servers again. Wish there was a good alternative

This here belongs on one of those keyboard upgrade memes


seems good so far, but the hardware buttons are apparently swapped?

ayy, it worked! er, at least it got past the boot animation, that's no guarantee of much else

/data apparently doesn't exist anymore. wiping everything now, just like every time before