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despite having literally no idea where I would use them, I'm very happy about Rust's NonZero types

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@tom We have digital signs on the highways here that say "OUI RUINS LIVES" of course referring to Operating Under Influence which is what they call drunk driving here for some reason... but like. Saying yes in French? It will ruin your life

Somehow I know this is where I'll look when I need this information

Note to self for next time: 8822 is a "staging" driver

why do the download links have inconsistent timestamp formats?

I expected to have network problems, but it turns out I just forgot to plug in the other end of the cable

don't know enough geography to choose the closest mirror

Ran out of other things I want to do right now, so I'm installing Gentoo

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if you press start at the exact right moment during closing the door, the microwave turns on and adds 30 seconds but does not start counting down

this seems dangerous

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This is my mech, ;DROP TABLE `mech_stats`;

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New golang logo is a disgrace

Bring back the gopher

"indeed" is a very good word

The printer just worked on my first try. That was unfortunately unexpected

Somehow I've developed a habit of replying to "see you later" with "yep", and I'm not sure that's the right response

Firefox now crashes whenever I focus a password field. Great.

accidentally overwrote the install disk, we're off to a good start

I think I'm going to install Void Linux tonight

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98 yaks to shave in a line
98 yaks to shave!
Sit one down,

Oh, huh. No... No... This won't do at all. First I'm going to need to... Ugh.

99 yaks to shave in a line!