Got the original Huawei Watch. It's not new, but new to me. Been considering Android Wear since I first heard about it, and now I'll get to try it out for myself

Pretty sure there were only 9 steps when it started, now there's 10

Oh, now I have to find a good watch face

OK, got that sorted out. Now I guess I try out some apps

Apparently I don't even have the 2.0 update, heard that was pretty good

why can't I just watch the progress bar

Maybe rebooting the watch will help?

Opened the Android Wear app after a reboot, was greeted with this screen:

Not sure what that means...

The progress circle keeps closing itself, so I don't know if it's stuck or just slow

This time there's apparently 14 things to sync

The downloading screen looks different now

I'll leave it for a while, maybe it's just slow

Finally got it to update. Didn't do anything differently as far as I can tell

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