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I expected to have network problems, but it turns out I just forgot to plug in the other end of the cable

don't know enough geography to choose the closest mirror

Ran out of other things I want to do right now, so I'm installing Gentoo

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if you press start at the exact right moment during closing the door, the microwave turns on and adds 30 seconds but does not start counting down

this seems dangerous

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New golang logo is a disgrace

Bring back the gopher

The printer just worked on my first try. That was unfortunately unexpected

Somehow I've developed a habit of replying to "see you later" with "yep", and I'm not sure that's the right response

Firefox now crashes whenever I focus a password field. Great.

accidentally overwrote the install disk, we're off to a good start

I think I'm going to install Void Linux tonight

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98 yaks to shave in a line
98 yaks to shave!
Sit one down,

Oh, huh. No... No... This won't do at all. First I'm going to need to... Ugh.

99 yaks to shave in a line!


my experience with Rust is basically "throw more wrapper types at it until it compiles"

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Apparently Discord deleted a bunch of servers again. Wish there was a good alternative

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It's a Mastodon instance. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'm here, and that's pretty much it.